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Sweet Survival is a female driven thriller set in a dystopian future, where a group of women deal with the unlucky bastard who tries to rob them.

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The story behind this production

In 2017, just before the #metoo movement started, Hella and Katharina, like so many female actors, were sick of the roles they were being offered. They had recently worked with a group of fantastic female artists and wanted to continue working with them. So they set out to write “something for five actresses, that can be shot over a weekend”. 
Four years, several changes of plans, a pandemic and multiple emotional meltdowns later we had to admit that this project was no longer a quick and easy shoot. It had grown beyond our wildest expectations, and we were now facing a much larger, more ambitious production. 
After changing shooting location several times we finally decided to settle in Austria, where we managed to fly in our international team and completed our crew with Austrian filmmakers. We wrapped up post production in 2023 adding yet more nationalities to the list. Yes, we are a competitor of the UN.
Though it may have taken longer than just “a weekend”, we are proud of the result - a playful, genre-bending mix of western, sci-fi and thriller that far exceeded our original plans.

FEST - Laurels Films - 2023_White.png

Directed by Katharina Gerlich
Co-Directed by Luna Herruzo
Written by Katharina Gerlich & Hella Stichlmair
Produced by Ewa Habdas & Julia Stipsits
Production company Verein Kunst und Musik


On a cold afternoon in a dystopian future, a group of women go about their daily business at an abandoned compound when a hungry young man tries to rob them. They quickly overpower him and to his surprise invite him to join them for dinner. 
As they sit together at the kitchen table it slowly dawns on the loner that these women do not just sell goods. After his discovery the situation quickly gets out of control. 

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